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Advertising with Opulent

Why advertise with Opulent?  Opulent is a magazine that is rich with articles about popular Second Life culture, providing great reads on persons of interest, interviews, glamorous fashion reviews, luxurious photography and information on explored sims, news on special events and more.

• 121 Kiosks Rezzed at various locations in world, 759 issues of Opulent magazine vended since the latest issue 1 April 2010

• Online reader stats are, 2481 reads on the Jan/feb issue and 4227 reads on the Mar/Apr issue so far – (contact Jewell Munro for current stats anytime).

We cover all aspects from quality fashion to musical and art interests as well as the latest fads of any kind to current affairs and reviews on virtual landscapes as well as shining the spotlights on residents of interest plus much much more.

We publish every 2 months so rates listed below are for 2 months not 1. Reserve your space now for our next issue. Don’t delay, ad space is available on a first come first serve basis. Ad submission deadline is the 1st of each month.

The following standard rates per issue are – (EXCLUDES inside and back cover and facing page):
Two Page Spread:  6,500L
Full Page:                4,000L
Half Page:               2,500L

Premium Ad spaces:

INSIDE Front Cover or Facing Page    10,000L for 1 page  or  15,000L for a 2 page spread

INSIDE Back Cover or Facing Page     7,000 for 1 page  or  13,000L for a 2 page spread

Advertorials:         1,500L per page (minimum of 3 pages)

Additional charges will be incurred if text editing, photography and authorship services are required.
What is an advertorial? An advertisement giving information about a product in the style of an editorial or objective journalistic article.

For more information on current Special Deals on advertising contact: Jewell Munro via email at jewell.munro@gmail.com or inworld via IM  OR Sixx Yangtz via email at sixxyangtz@gmail.com